Mill Pond Garden Site Fees for Visitation and Venue Rentals

The scheduled, variable date, Open Garden Days (see separate tab) are website purchased ticketed $15 per car with up to six people entry fee.

To get on list for notice of each Open Garden Day, please subscribe with name and email address on website home page:

The Garden of Lights Shows are $15 per car with up to 6 occupants by pre-purchased ticket on website. A walking tour of the 35,000 light show, Delaware’s Best.

Tour Busses: $10 per person paid in advance by Tour operator. Bus unloads at entrance then leaves and returns to pick up at departure time. Up to 60 people max. Allow forty minutes to hour and a half.

Cheer Center and Senior Assisted Living and Nursing Homes, $5 per person. School Children groups free.

Weddings and Events: up to 30 cars max, up to 80 people max, up to 3 hours max. Fee includes written permission for pre-approved licensed food or catering truck (required by health department). Site rental fee $1,500 in advance to book 3 hours plus $1,000 deposit for damage, total $2,850. Fee does not include tents, chairs, tables, etc. Not included is restrooms. Very nice roomy air conditioned or heated ones can be rented locally for events for a surprisingly modest fee. Thee rental restrooms are big enough to also serve as a changing room for bride. Never more than 20 people allowed on the deck for safety . For additional $250 staff can pre-install a rain and sun proof white canopy over the deck.

There is room for a rental tent 16’ x 30’, over flat driveway, and / or a 4 table group of up to 20 people on deck overlooking beautiful Red Mill Pond.

A small party event just for photography and a ceremony for less than 1 hour, fee is $400.

For one-hour commercial photo shoot with principals or small party of less than 25 people, no ceremony, food or drink, fee is $200.

One hour Guided Tour by Horticulturist, fee is $150. For neighborhood groups, $100.

Paid tours may request a one-page fact sheet about the garden emailed in advance to tour organizer to copy and distribute, or to advertise the tour in advance.

Small groups like painter’s / artists clubs or photography / camera clubs, may be allowed a $50 fee, to reserve for 4 hours.

For small groups, the visitor center has one restroom with permission.

For large groups for an hour or more, please import rental porta potties for reserved time.

Visitors / renters must please stay out of flower beds and on walkways.

A written Agreement expressing all terms must be signed, and fee paid in advance for venue rental, tours and events. Mill Pond Garden stays moderately busy. Booking is advised as far in advance as possible.

Contact us at with a description of what you want, when, how many people, for how long.

Mill Pond Garden limits event size and frequency to avoid disturbing this residential neighborhood.

Loud music is not allowed. If you wish music, live soft music like guitar is okay.