Mill Pond Garden, Inc. Annual Report 2021

In a nutshell MPG grew in 2021 and had a good year.
Mill Pond Garden continued to serve the public in 2021 in spite of the viral pandemic and grew in income, visitation, and subscribership. Fundraising for other charities increased. The year ended with a larger financial statement balance.

Mill Pond Garden, Inc. has had a year of significant accomplishments shown in all these significant ways:

  • Programs were kept open during the pandemic by re-designing visitation with small group attendance, masks, and social distancing.
  • Funds of $3,912 were raised and dispersed for benefit of six local non-profits, the Delaware Humane Association, and food insecurity organizations including Rehoboth-Lewes Meals on Wheels, the Food Bank of Delaware, St Peter’s Heart and Soul Ministry, Cape Henlopen Food Basket, Milton Community Food Pantry.
  • The funds raised for other non-profit charities were accomplished by Mill Pond Garden organizing and working with other sites for the 2021 Cape Farm and Garden Tour, boosting tourism and benefit to other businesses in the Cape community as well as serving the community’s desire for garden and farm tourism experiences. Many visitors for this Tour came from neighboring states.
  • Visitation open days and programs were 16.
  • The number of visitors increased by 143% in 2021, from 3,240 visitors in 2020 to 4,639 in 2021.
  • Organic Products manufactured by Mill Pond Garden were sold bringing in $4,020, funding 13% of the budget in proceeds.
  • Visitor fee, site rental, and product sales income was increased 163% from $12,762 in 2020, to $20,877 in 2021.
  • Eighteen horticultural and gardening education press releases including articles on local gardening were published in the Cape Gazette in 2021.
  • The self-subscribed membership has grown 26 percent to the current 1,891 in January 2021.
  • Donations have increased in 2021 to $16,589.

Mill Pond Garden has ambitions for the coming year including:

  • Restore plant collections lost to December ice storm
  • Increase percent of expenses paid by fee programs.
  • Encourage donors by continued transparency, good management, and mission worthiness, in service to the community.


Mill Pond Garden’s mission is to delight, inspire, and educate visitors about gardens, plants, and garden wildlife for our region, and to host abundant wildlife.
Mill Pond Garden is a significantly native and sustainable walking garden, evergreen and deciduous, emphasizing the beauty of nature with flowering plants and beautiful foliage for year-round enjoyment.

The garden strives to promote the garden as a habitat for birds, pollinators, and all wildlife through the use of key native plants, hibernation and breeding habitats, educational tours, botanic plant labels, educational classes, and publications, and by the beauty of the whole garden immersion experience. MPG is a member of the American Public Garden Association, USDA Sentinel Plant Network, National Wildlife Federation, and a Certified Wildlife Habitat, staffed by a Horticulturist, a Plant Scientist, Treasurer, and four contract Gardeners.

Mill Pond’s Garden’s Annual Financial Statement below shows a decrease in expenditures and an increase in income over the year before. This public garden is thriving, increasing in services to the community.

Mill Pond Garden, Inc. Financial Statement 2021

2021 Financial Statement

Balance of account 12-31-2020 + $ 5,943


Admission fees, site rentals, product sales + 20,137

Donations cash donor box, online, and checks + 8,350

Donations for supplies + 8,239

Total 2021 income + 36,736

Sub-Balance = start balance + 2021 income $ 42,679


Contract services – 17,906

Operating staff for 2021 Cape Farm and Garden Tour – 1,438

Supplies – 7,765

Donations (Fundraisers) for 7 local humane
and food charities – 3,021

Total expenses 2021 – $31,495

Account End Balance of account 12-31-2021 + 10,710 (surplus of $4,767)

Mill Pond Garden Inc., 31401 Melloy Court, Lewes, DE 19958,